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Zoor 3G Disposable 


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Zoor 3G Disposable

Zoor 3G Disposable is a well-constructed, non-rechargeable disposable vape. Internally, you find a standard size battery and a pre-filled tank having 2ml of nic-salt based e-liquid at 20mg nicotine strength. As with most vapes, the device is packed in a foil wrapper to preserve flavor and save it from outside elements until used. The quoted features promise up to 600 puff from each device, with twelve flavors options to pick from. These options seem well thought out and tasteful, much like the Zoor 3g disposable look. They contain the up-mark sounding parfait, strawberry, and once called Oasis, along with some favorites like Spearmint, Banana Ice, and Pink Lemonade.

When testing the Zoor 3g disposable, We found that they have quite strong draw matched to other devices, which we favor. Like any disposable, the primary few puffs seem powerful but then subtle into a better flavor and vapor production with continued use. All 8 flavors are recognizable, and though we did not find them overpowering, some may find them pretty too sweet. There is a globe of difference between them and competitor offerings from brands such as Geek, Elf and Vooper.

The latter products should loudly with garnish colors and bold packaging, while the Zoor 3g bars are understated and are the least disposable looking disposable. These devices would be right for vaping outside a wedding, a perfect hotel, or whipping out at a garden party. They don’t look like something you would buy at 2am from a nightclub. If Zoor disposable intended to create an item that outclasses the rest and appeals to adult smokers who don’t fancy brandishing a luminous green plastic vape in public.

Zoor Disposable Performance

From an expert perspective a Zoor 3g lasted one well over a day with quite heavy usage, each bar performed continually, and the flavor did not fade too much with use, the battery died before the e-liquid depleted, so we experienced no dry hits.

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Blood Orange, Zour Apple, Banana Cream, Strawberry ZA Cake, Cake, Melon Berry Razz, Honeydew, Malaysian Mango


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