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Kawali 2G Disposable


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Kawali 2G Disposable

Kawali 2G Disposable are high terpene full spectrum extract or diamond sauce, and are one of the purest forms of cannabis concentrate currently available. They contain naturally occurring THCa crystalline, resulting in a powerful full spectrum taste and high with every hit you inhale. These disposables are pre-filled with a gram dose of cannabis extract and are designed to provide a convenient and enjoyable vaping experience.

They are available in several flavors such as Mimosa, OG Kush, Grape Ape, Jet Fuel, and Cereal Milk. Kawali 2g disposables are known for their convenience, portability, variety of flavors, no maintenance requirement, controlled dosage, and discreetness. They are available for purchase at authorized and licensed dispensaries or retailers, and it’s important to ensure that you purchase them from authorized sources to guarantee their authenticity.

Kawali Disposable Price

The price of Kawali disposables can vary depending on several factors, but they are reasonably priced starting at $35 for the standard live resin formula. You can get them from $30 to $80 depending on who you are buying from. Wholesale deals can go as low as $9 to $15 per piece depending on your vendor’s supply ability.

Live Resin Disposable

When it comes to enjoying cannabis concentrates, live resin provides the most flavorful and terpene-rich experience, while liquid diamonds offer a potent, visually appealing and pure distillate oil. Liquid diamonds have a high potency level, with THC content ranging from 95-99%, making them an ideal choice for those looking for a more powerful experience from cannabinoids.

How To Use Kawali 2G Disposable

To use a Kawali 2g disposable, simply unwrap the disposable vape pen, switch it on, inhale the content via a mouthpiece, exhale your vapor, and dispose of it once it’s finished. It’s important to use cannabis products responsibly and in compliance with local laws and regulations.

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Jet Fuel, Sundae Driver, Mimosa, Gorilla Glue, Lemon Cherry Gelato, Kush Mintz, Cereal Milk, Ice Cream Cake, Grape Ape, OG Kush, Fire OG, Strawnana, Pineapple Express, Banana Punch, Blue Burst, RS11, Purple Haze, Biscotti, Slurricane, Apple Fritter, Sherblato, Mango Kush, Gelonade


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