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Hitz Gen5 2G Disposable


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Hitz Gen5 2G Disposable

 Hitz Gen5 2G Disposable is a disposable vape pen that contains a two gram and 2mL THCO Indica-dominant hybrid. It’s created by crossing Animal Cookies (Hybrid) and Triangle Kush (Indica), resulting in a rich indulgence with sour and tangy flavors and hints of creaminess. This disposable vape is perfect for those who want a calming, relaxing, and euphoric experience

This two gram  disposable is also simple to use with its auto-draw activation, and it delivers the most tasty, potent hitz on the market with no harsh smoke or aftertaste. If you’re interested in purchasing the Hitz 2g disposable, it’s available for wholesale in mixed variety flavors. You can also check out other Hitz disposable products, such as the Hitz Xtra 2 Gram Disposable, Hitz Mango Tango Disposable, and Hitz 2G Liquid Diamonds Wholesale.

How To Use The Hitz Gen5 Disposable

To use the Hitz Gen5 disposable, follow these steps:
1 Remove the Hitz Gen5 disposable from its packaging.
2 Find the mouthpiece of the device, which is where you will inhale the vapor.
3 Activate the device by inhaling gently from the mouthpiece. There is no need to press any buttons, as the Hitz Gen5 disposable has an auto-draw activation feature.
4 Continue inhaling until you have achieved your desired level of vapor.
5 When you are finished vaping, dispose of the device responsibly.

Remember, the Hitz Gen5 disposable is designed for a hassle-free vaping experience, so using it should be simple and straightforward. Enjoy your Hitz Gen5 disposable!

Where To Buy The Hitz Disposable

The Hitz gen5 disposable vape pen can be purchased online from various vaping retailers or in-person at vape shops and convenience stores.


The price of the hitz gen5  disposable vape pen varies depending on the retailer, but it typically ranges from $15 to $20.

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Glitter Bomb, Dopamine, Wet Laffy Taffy, Sparkling Wild Berry, Dirty Fanta, Rainbow Slushie, Berry Fiesta


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