The Gold Coast clear solvent-free vape cartridges is made using only hand cured extracts, and comes in an exotic design. Some of the new premium strains include

-West Coast Sour Diesel

-Barnyard Sour Diesel

-West Coast Lemon Tahoe OG Kush

-Citrus Haze, etc

These unique vape cartridges come in a white powdery texture, clear in color, and can be vaped as well as smoked. The Gold Coast Exotic vape cartridges are pure and are free from adulterants like PG and VG. This is the first of its kind; the only state where authentic solvent-free gold coast vape cartridges are available to the public. The taste is unlike all other e-liquid brands on the market today.

Enjoy an amazing vape cartridge featuring one of 10 new exotic strains each month. These cartridges feature a micro-coil design to accommodate the latest and most popular e-liquid blends, which means that more vapor is Lost Clouds may available in the future. Lost Clouds Premium THC Oil will give you a relaxing feeling and aid in pain relief, serving as an overall superior option for all medical conditions. Another great product you can order is jeeter juice, jungle boys there are amazing and supplied by our partners at amazing prices.


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