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Cry Baby 2G Disposable 


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Cry Baby 2G Disposable

Cry Baby 2G Disposable are premium distillate disposables with lab verified results free from Vitamin E you can get the top THC disposables and carts at our shop. These disposables are official; they come from a marijuana conglomerate and are regulated by the DEA and FDA. They are the next revolution to marijuana vaping. Cry baby OG has a little family tree with its grandparents being of the Thai, Hindu and Afghan Kush landrace range. It was made by backcrossing the ever famous indica, old School OG kush.

  Moist earth, soil, and lemon pine cleaner make up the rich colors of Cry Baby OG, with a spicy pepper flavor coming to surface upon being combusted. The flower consists of mint-green, dense, burly nuggets woven evenly with an orange yarn of pistils and coated with an amber trichome frost.

With THC levels testing over 18 percent on average, it is a best strain that will continually hit you with that mood-elevating, slightly trippy psychoactive effect according to users. This provides the user new power and fresh perspective to view the universe. The body buzz is even more profound though, as a hot tingle of relaxation creeps down the head.

Cry Baby 2G Disposable Effects

The strain generates light amber-haired minty green nugs sprinkled with little amber crystal trichomes.
Initially, this strain may feel like a creeper that hits effectively and slowly, but then you may slowly begin to feel euphoric and hazy, along with a complete body feel that is calming and relaxing. Additionally, this charming strain is famous among cancer patients because of its potential capability to help reduce pain, increase appetite, sleeping easier, and provide feeling of comfort.

Cry Baby OG grows top indoors where humidity can be managed as moisture causes this plant to mold easily. Flowering time is approximately ten weeks on average and produce above average yields.

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