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Blown One Gram Disposable



Blown One Gram Disposable

Blown One Gram Disposable is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality cannabis vaping experience. Blown One Gram Disposable are made with premium , California grown cannabis and are carefully crafted to deliver smooth, consistent hits every time. Join us on our journey as we strive to elevate the cannabis experience, one puff at a time.

Blown One Gram Disposable vapes are handheld vaporize device pre-packed with clean and purified cannabis oil ready to smoke and make sure a clean quality vaping experience, using extracting best standard hybrid cannabis concentrate that uses frozen plant materials to maintain its profile cannabinoid. Blown One Gram Disposable vape services as an effective and efficient way to enjoy your favorite concentrates, it is a leading provider of best feelings to keep you in your wanted mood. We have been providing the highest standard THC disposables to customers around the planet.


Blue raspberry: A tasty, sweet aroma that permits for a delicate but potent effects. Tastes just like frozen drinks.
Banana ice: You will be swinging very high in the trees as you enjoy this rightly balanced banana flavor with a chill, refreshing feeling on every exhale.
Bubblegum: This classic flavor in vapeable disposable form will have your customer fun. Tastes so much like bubblegum they will be viewing pink clouds.
Grape: This purple, sweet disposable makes for a 1,2 punch of remarkable flavor. One of our most right choices in the line up.
Mango: A fun tropical citrus flavor that is quite tart on the inhale and sweet on the exhale. Customers also report hints of floral notes and sourness.
Mint: Fresh, sweet that produced a lasting chill feeling on your tongue on the exhale.
Strawberry: This taste has a tart, juicy feel that –gathered with D8 – makes this one of the famous disposables in the area.
These disposable vape pens are battery-run, more compact and come in a range of flavors and colors. The Blown 1g disposable are sure to bring a fun sense of well-being to any person fortunate enough to experience them.

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Mimosa, Runtz, Cereal Milk, Trix, Watermelon Skittles, Churro, Pink Panther, Baja Blast, Strawberry Cheesecake, Hoechata, Grape Ape, Ace Of Spades, Blown Strawberry, Guava Melon, Mango Gushers, Gushers, Banana Kush, Lemon Cherry Gelato, Sour Apple, Pound Cake


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